Jan. 4th, 2010

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Okay, people should not wait until noon or later on a nice day, to go to the beach. There will never, ever be parking, because the smart people showed up in the morning, and are likely as not to make a day of it.

This, however, is not my problem. I have no guilt or sadness about turning people away. While it would be nice if my parking lot were bigger, I don't think it would affect my reading pace either way, since I have to talk to people if I'm taking their money or telling them to go away. Therefore, I don't care if the minivan families, the German tourists, or the convertibles full of bleach-blondes get to go to the beach. Most of them aren't any more considerate to me.

I don't mind the people who sit in the middle lane to shout a question to me. Yelling is sometimes the only way to be heard over wind and traffic. The people who pull in and then give me an annoyed look, like it's my fault they turned before they asked, like it's my fault they showed up after fifty other people. Even worse, the ones who can't be bothered to put down their windows, expecting me to either shout or perform contortions to let them know "Sorry, but I have no spots at the moment."

There is one thing I really enjoy, though, malicious as it is. Since the parking lot is associated with a hotel, I have to save a few spaces for guests checking in. And sometimes, a very enterprising beachgoer presumes to find his own spot, without bothering to ask the lowly menial help whether or not there are spots available. I enjoy ejecting those people. The same is true when I have someone I just told "No spaces available" point out a spot I'm saving, like I don't know it's there, like just because I'm reading, I am also oblivious to the world around me. The "smart" ones, yes, we love them best.


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