Jan. 18th, 2010

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Okay, so I have a small problem. Just a small one. I wrote something for [livejournal.com profile] hpvalensmut as I have a number of times now. One of the rules is that fic has to be beta-ed. The person who agreed to read my fic for me has not responded to the two emails I sent, even to say that the person would not be able to get back to me. And I don't like pressing too hard, or being too pushy. But I finished the fic about a month ago, and I didn't push, but there's nothing. And the due date is the 26th, which gives me a little over a week.

Normally, I wouldn't care much about fudging it, and saying it'd been beta-ed when it hasn't. But I have not so much confidence in this piece I wrote. I'd like at least a little feedback. I'm pretty sure there's nothing too fucked up with my spelling, punctuation, or grammar, but the plot-stuff is something I'd like some input on. One of the characters is one I've never written before, and I'm hoping I didn't completely blow it.

I don't want to reveal the pairing, because it's rare enough that it will probably give away who my recipient is. But let's see... It's not femmeslash and not incesty, and the characters are about the same age. The fic is devoid of any really hardcore kink. That being said, is there anyone who might be willing to do a read or two and tell me what you think? MEGS I WOULD HAVE ASKED YOU BUT I DON'T THINK YOU'D LIKE IT AT ALL.


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