Feb. 4th, 2010

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I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before how I get a lot of stupid questions from people while I'm at work. Sitting in a parking lot at the edge of a heavily used sidewalk will do that. A good portion of the questions are about reading or writing. Because those are how I occupy myself while I'm waiting for people to show up with cars to park. Some questions are good, like "What are you reading?" especially if the person who asks actually knows any-fucking-thing about books. A lot of them don't, so the question then becomes a nuisance. A question I get from regulars is "How many books do you read in a week?" which is also a good question. (The answer is 2-3, depending upon the length of the books in question.) However, I answer this one so much it gets rather tedious.

Even more annoying are the days I spend writing instead of reading. I look young enough that people always seem to assume I'm doing homework. Which is kind of flattering, and kind of annoying, because just because I'm writing doesn't mean I'm doing homework. (It's worse, though, when the little old ladies ask me if I'm writing love letters /gag)

THE POINT I was going to make is that sometimes, when people ask me what I'm writing, I would like to shout "I AM WRITING GAY PORN" at the top of my lungs. While I am sitting beside a busy street. And within shouting distance of an incredibly busy beach.

Yeah. That would be fun. Until I died of mortification. Good thing I've got a decent grasp on that self-control thing.

In related news, in the next day or two I will be posting more Holmesfic. Apparently I'm obsessed or some shit. /o/


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