Feb. 13th, 2010

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Saw The Wolfman last night. I…am kind of wishing I hadn't spent money on it, and waited for dvd. (I had the strongest impulse to see Sherlock Holmes instead while I was standing in line, and I probably should have obeyed it.) Now, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it. It was actually a pretty decent throwback to a classic horror film. It even had a version (loosely interpreted) of the "villagers with torches and pitchforks" scene. But…it wasn't scary. Not even a little. There wasn't any real suspense, there weren't even any "random animal flies/scurries/wtvr out of a darkened room and scares the bejeezus out of the protagonist/audience" moments. I don't know. Maybe I just had unrealistic expectations. But it bothers me that movies that seem to fit squarely in the "horror" genre don't actually have much real horror. Unless you count gore as horror, which I suppose The Wolfman had in spades, but I personally don't count intestines as all that scary, no matter how much they don't belong outside the body.

And finally, just one small nitpick. I'm not overly fond of the man-wolf version of the werewolf. I prefer a lycanthrope to transform fully into its animal—maybe an obviously unnatural version of said animal, but still fully beast. That being said, I had no illusions that The Wolfman could be anything but a humanoid werewolf. The body was fine (for some reason I'm a sucker for backwards bending knees and feet-paws), but the face just irritated me. For some reason, it smacked more of a buffalo than a wolf (minus the sharp fucking teeth, of course). YEAH. I ADMIT IT. TO ME, THE WOLFMAN LOOKED LIKE A GODDAMNED BUFFALO. Minus the horns, obvi. During one of the transformations, they do a really nice close-up of his face mid-change, and, in my opinion, he looked more wolf-like and appropriate mid-change than fully transformed. Maybe part of the problem was that they didn't give him much of a snout. Idk…


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