Apr. 1st, 2010

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So I've been having a really hard time sleeping this week. Despite being ridiculously tired. I think this comes from being the only one in my household with a job. My stepdad isn't working anymore. He's an alcoholic, and was drinking on the job (because when doesn't he drink?) and was either laid off or fired. Not sure which, because he just stopped going to work...about two months ago. The ranch we live on belongs to the same person the hotel we work at belongs to, so he was working on some repairs/construction at the ranch instead, but when those repairs were finished, he didn't go back to his other job. Since then, he's pretty much done nothing but sleep, smoke cigarettes, drink vodka, and complain about anything and everything. He had his last two checks for a while, so he was using that to continue drinking and smoking, and I was forced to take over paying the car insurance (for both his car and mine) and buying all the food. This did not actually strain my finances much, so though I probably should have minded more, I didn't.

But this past week, the money's run out. And even though two months passed, he hasn't bothered to file for unemployment or look for another job, or do anything. And I'm paying for liquor and cigarettes I don't use, and can't fucking afford.

Oh, and last night we realised that we need to renew the registration on both vehicles. Gee, I hope I'll have enough money for gas the rest of this week.


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