May. 18th, 2010

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I have six books riding in my back seat. But today is going to be a writing day. I need to finish this Holmesfic RIGHT NOW. Well, actually my deadline isn't for several days yet, but it feels like I should have had it done forever ago. But once I finish that, I'll have to decide what my next project will be:

Ofic A, a sort of modern-day thing with no hints of the supernatural, but rather a sort of science-fictiony thing with dragons. (Dragons that evolved that way, rather than being magical creatures)

Ofic B, which has a female sneak-thief as the main character, of questionable morality and behaviours. Sort of an anti-hero, I guess. The plot, as I see it, will be kind of romance-y but not, because the potential love interest is a cop.

Mass Effect 2 fic featuring GARRUS and I don't know who else. Probably Shepard. I'd like it to go into detail with the ways that aliens would have very different thoughts about morality and culture, the logic (or lack of it) they employ when it comes to emotional interests and relationshippy things.

Naruto fic that is sort of a WHAT I THINK REALLY HAPPENED TO ITACHI thing, except Sasuke-centric also. In second-person pov, because I like to be adventurous. I've actually got part of this written already, and I'm thinking it will also include Sakura, though there probably won't be much in the way of het things.

There are other things I could work on too, but those are the ones tickling my brain the most atm.


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