May. 21st, 2010

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I know that not everyone has a degree in biology; hell, even I don't. But, from what I can tell so far, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 have put a lot of significance into biology. Sure, lots of it is made-up science fiction biology mixed with chemistry and tech, but still. Lots of biology.

I put links to pictures of the alien species I talk about within the text of what I've written, but here's all of the races up here at the top, just in case you don't feel like hunting for them (in alphabetical order, because I'm like that):

Garrus Turian

There are more than a dozen alien species in these games. Some are given a lot more significance than others. Hours of dialogue (maybe an exaggeration, but not by much) are spent learning about their differences in culture. It's all very interesting. But there's a lot less about the unique biologies of the alien species. Probably because they're a lot less unique than one would expect. The most science-y thing I can remember reading in the game codex referred to the Turians and Quarians being unique for being built of dextro-amino acids (as opposed to levo-amino acids, apparently), the result being they might glean no nutritional value from human cuisine, or it might cause akin to an allergic reaction or death. Admittedly a small and insignificant detail in the larger scheme of things, but I found it interesting—though it would have been more interesting if they'd gone on to tell what Turians do eat. In that same vein, it would be interesting to see whether any of these aliens are silicon-based life forms (as opposed to carbon-based, like humans). Central nervous system vs. nerve net vs. some other sensory system. Why, all these aliens seem to have four limbs—except the Hanar, who are actually pretty unique aside from looking like a giant pink squid. But anyway, I find the supposed convergent evolution (unrelated species evolving parallel structures coincidentally) of a dozen alien species highly annoying.

But this is all precursor to a more specific discussion: Sex and Reproduction. Yeah, I went there.

Cut for length and romance subplot spoilers )


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