Aug. 4th, 2010

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I tend to listen to the news as I get ready for work in the morning. It's not like, important world news, but mostly local stuff that isn't really news to anyone. It's really awful that people leave their dogs and babies in their cars in 90-100 degree heat, but it's not exactly going to start a nuclear war for me to be concerned about. The oil spill is about the only really relevant thing they ever talk about, and recently it's been more of the same thing. "OH HAY WE MIGHT FINALLY BE ABLE TO PLUG IT UP."

But this morning there was a little story about a guy that owns a plant nursery that's located near a wildlife sanctuary. Apparently deer like to wander onto his property and eat valuable merchandise. And according to whatever laws we have down here, he's well within his rights to shoot them if they come onto his property. He's not even using a gun. Apparently they found a deer with an arrow through its neck. (Considering how small the deer are down here, I consider this a pretty good shot, personally.) But the sanctuary is all upset, even though deer are not even close to being an endangered species. Maybe they watched Bambi too many times as children. But the thing is. They suggested that the nursery owner put up a fence.

I'll admit it. That made me laugh my ass off. Deer may be quadruped herbivores, but that doesn't mean they're anything like cows or horses. Deer can jump fucking high. Why would this nursery owner pay to put up a six- or seven-foot fence (because it would need to be that high in order to deter them if they really wanted at those plants) when he can just shoot a few deer at no cost to him? I will admit, I don't necessarily condone the killing of animals if you're not going to do something with them, hell, give away the meat if you don't like venison (because I know I sure don't). But if the sanctuary is so worried about their precious deer, maybe they should foot the bill for a fence. This nursery owner has already lost money because of the animals.


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