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I finished Avatar last night. (Again, the series, not the blue cats movie.) I am considering the subject heading enough warning for the spoilers I'm going to talk about, because I'm about the last one I know to jump into this sandbox.

First of all. I STARTED SOBBING when Zuko and Iroh were reunited. UNCONTROLLABLY SOBBING. al;ksdjf alksdjf slkdjf asldkjf I love Iroh so much. It's a little bit ridiculous. I think I might like him better than Zuko, if only because there is absolutely no accounting for Zuko's taste in women (imo). Sorry to anyone who likes her, but I just cannot stand Mai and her super bland voice and the way she and Zuko are NAUSEATING when they are together.

Was it just me, or did Ozai seem to age quite a bit from the first time we get to see his face, and the fight scenes at the end? I suppose crazy will do that to you, but it still seemed like the artists were like "OH SHIT. WE DIDN'T REALLY DRAW HIM FATHER-AGE THOSE FIRST FEW TIMES, SO WE BETTER FIX IT FOR THESE LONGER SCENES." It might have been just me, but he totally looked like Zuko's hot older brother in those first scenes.

I'm not going to lie. The gratuitous girlfriend scenes at the end kind of bothered me. I will admit that part of this is because I like it better when these things are ambiguous, because I almost never like the established pairings in a series. But also, it felt to me like they were only doing it to counteract the bff moment between Aang and Zuko at the end. Just in case we evil slashers were getting ideas from their obvious affection AND THE FACT THAT THEY HUGGED (I don't even really ship them v hard, and that still made me grin like a madwoman bc it was so cute). Yes. I got ideas, but still.

Problems I had. Well. There was the scene between Zuko and his daddy at the end, where Zuko interrogates Ozai about where his mother is. AND WE DON'T GET TO FIND OUT WHERE SHE IS. Why put in that scene if they weren't going to do anything with it? Also, we get to see what happens to Ozai, but where did they put Azula? I really wanted to see her in a straitjacket banging her head against a wall. It's almost like they were leaving some questions unanswered because they wanted to do some manner of sequel, but we get a "THE END" at the end of the last episode, which sort of thwarts that idea.

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There's really no end of hooks for a sequel or spin-off series, isn't there? Especially since the big threat they were fighting all the series was entirely about humans, and so the world is saved For Now, not Forever. They could go pretty much anywhere with it, as long as they were willing to put the same effort into deepening the world as they put into building it in the first place. (Though the spin-off I'd like to see done would be set well apart in time from Aang, at least a few centuries earlier, and deal much more heavily with the spirit world.)

And the creators really like to mock shippers. They have a long history of it, even openly teasing the fans in con panels. Is amusing.

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Well, with any series set in a world with as many varied cultures and histories as this one, you could say there's plenty of opportunities for spin-offs. But as much as I'd like to see what had happened to Zuko's mother, I don't think I'd want them to make a sequel series. They are just never as good.

Hahahahaha do they? Glad I'm not devoted to any particular 'ship then.


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