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Jul. 15th, 2010 07:34 am
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Last night's dream was really elaborate, though as usual I can't remember all the details. It started off at work (though it was not my actual job, I know I was at work, and one of the hotel managers was there even though it wasn't the hotel). I was leaving, with three people in tow. Two men and a woman, of indiscriminate age, who don't seem to be anyone I recognize, real or fictional. There was a weird sort of combination Chinese take-out/taxi service in which the driver would drive to the take-out place, and then after you pick up your food, he drives you home. One of the men, the woman, and I decide to take it.

We get to the Chinese place, and stand in line. As we watch, the people in line ahead of us are forced to undergo a strange process before they can collect their food. The cashier forces them to take turns holding three artifacts: a sword, a shield, and a spear, all meticulously carved out of wood. Somehow, I know instinctively that I and my male friend can't touch these things. We decide our food isn't worth it, and make a beeline for the door, telling the taxi driver to just take us home. Except after we're on the move, we realize that he's in on it.

I was sitting in the seat directly behind the driver, and taking a massive risk, I grab his seat belt and start strangling him with it, telling him he'll die if he doesn't pull over and let us out. After some rather extensive persuasion during which we miraculously don't get into an accident, he pulls over and lets us out.

This part of the dream gets blurry, but I seem to remember a chase scene possibly involving hiding in a high-rise. And then we end up at my birthday party. I think my birthday cake was a pink frosted cupcake with a giant candle. My friend Mike's mother was there, and was the one who made my (cup)cake.

I don't remember how, but this jumps back to the chase with my two friends and I trying to hide from the people with the artifacts. I think we end up unsuccessful, because I know that the artifacts identify the man and I as some kind of powerful people. And I believe the second man from the beginning of my dream was the third of our number, though I think we managed to protect his identity. I also seem to remember that the shield was what identified me, and the man who was with me was identified by the sword. (Which makes my subconscious stupid, because I would much prefer the sword, but oh well.) Unfortunately, that's all I can remember, so I don't have any idea what I was going to do with a magic shield and no weapon, nor do I know if the shield was supposed to be more symbolic than physical.
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