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I had to replace a radiator hose this weekend. That was not fun. It was about 100 degrees all weekend, so I had to get up at 7 am yesterday to drive my car to the garage while it was still cool (relatively so, anyway) so it wouldn't overheat. Even so, I'm not certain there wasn't damage to my engine. The hose was replaced, fairly painlessly, but my Check Engine light is still on, which is mildly upsetting, and my engine is making a slightly different sound than it used to.

Then I got home and spent a good three hours trying to clean the pool. It was a really bad job. See, my stepdad hasn't done just about anything since he got fired from his job in January, and that includes putting chemicals in the pool. So, it being so warm out for the past few months, a whole lot of algae has been growing in the pool. Not only did I buy the chemicals myself (usually my stepdad would get money from the owner of the ranch to take care of it, but he hasn't felt like doing that either), but I skimmed a thick layer of slimy scum off the surface of the water, brushed more scum from the bottom of the pool, and put in a pound and a quarter of shock (I have no idea how much I should have used since I don't know how much water the pool contains, but I hope it's an overdose). The water was still very very green yesterday afternoon when I decided I was finished, but at least it no longer smelled like pond water. Oh, and I saved a handful of frogs from being dissolved by the chemicals (it's not as quick-acting as a strong acid, but if a dead frog stays in the water long enough, it'll begin to disintegrate, which is just as disgusting as it sounds).


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