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A friend of mine mentioned that his younger sister would like me to recommend her some books to read. And seeing as I have been meaning to make a list anyway (because I have a ridiculous OCD love for lists), I thought this was a great opportunity to do so. I am going to organize it by genre at least (I'm not sure I'm feeling ambitious enough to also alphabetize it) and possibly give comments if I feel strongly enough about a book or author. Nope, not ambitious enough to alphabetize; these are listed in no particular order. I do feel like I've missed a few, but I think that might be because so many of the things I've listed are multi-part series in which there are many books. Things like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are not on this list, because I assume anyone who would ask me for book recs will have already read these things.

YA Lit
The Hunger Games and Catching Fire ~Suzanne Collins (Possibly my favourite thing I've read in the past two years or more.)
The Demon's Covenant and The Demon's Lexicon ~Sarah Rees Brennan
The Forest of Hands and Teeth ~Carrie Ryan
Generation Dead ~Daniel Waters (I have only read the first one of these books so far, but I quite liked it.)
Raised by Wolves ~Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The Summoning ~Kelley Armstrong (and the rest in the series)
The Host ~Stephenie Meyer (I would never in a million years rec Twilight to anyone, but this book actually seemed to incorporate some original ideas or maybe I haven't seen enough alien movies, and the main character wasn't nearly as retarded.)
The Society of S ~Susan Hubbard (I cannot stand the main character, but it is an interesting take on vampires, also there is a sequel of which I cannot remember the title)
Fallen ~Lauren Kate

Traditional Fantasy
Cast in Shadow ~Michelle Sagara (and all the rest in this series; besides The Hunger Games, one of my favourite series ever)
Black Sun Rising, When True Night Falls, and Crown of Shadows ~C.S. Friedman
The Codex Alera ~Jim Butcher
A Game of Thrones ~George R.R. Martin (and the rest in the series)
Dragon Champion ~E.E. Knight (and the others in this series)
His Majesty's Dragon ~Naomi Novik (and the others in the series; this is more historical fantasy than traditional)
Wizard's First Rule ~Terry Goodkind (and the rest of the series)
Warlock ~Wilbur Smith (Ancient Egyptian fiction that is rather fantastical but probably also contains real history)
The Wheel of Time series ~Robert Jordan
Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood ~Patricia Briggs
The Barbed Coil ~J.V. Jones

Urban/Supernatural Fantasy
The Cassandra Palmer series ~Karen Chance (beginning with Touch the Dark)
The Sookie Stackhouse series ~Charlaine Harris (better known as True Blood on HBO; the books are better)
The Black Dagger Brotherhood series ~J.R. Ward (combination urban fantasy/romance)
The Rachel Morgan series ~Kim Harrison
The Dresden Files ~Jim Butcher
Queene of Light ~Jennifer Armintrout (there are more in this series but this is the only one I've read so far)
The Lords of the Underworld series ~Gena Showalter
Divine by Mistake ~P.C. Cast (and the others in this series, but not her vampire series it is just awful and addicting like Twilight)
The Magicians ~Lev Grossman (I'm not sure this actually fits in the genre since it incorporates themes from Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia, but it's a modernized and realistic version of both)
The Mercy Thompson series ~Patricia Briggs
Rampant ~Diana Peterfreund
Bareback ~Kit Whitfield (or Benighted, in the US)

Amusing Things (I wish there were more things here, but these are not a genre I read much)
Good Omens ~Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
A Dirty Job ~Christopher Moore (his other stuff is good too, but this one is my favourite)

Things Recced that I Haven't Read Yet (And also things I have merely bought and haven't read yet)
Feed ~Mira Grant
The Name of the Wind ~Patrick Rothfuss
A Secret Atlas, Cartomancy, and A New World ~Michael A. Stackpole
Bitten ~Kelley Armstrong
The Innocent Mage & The Awakened Mage ~Karen Miller
White Cat ~Holly Black (and possibly others, I haven't done my research here)
The Strain ~Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan
The Dark Elf trilogy ~R.A. Salvatore (I've read some of his other stuff, but this is considered his best work. I would recommend anything he's written, but this is on my personal list of things I need to read asap.)
The Kate Daniels series ~Ilona Andrews
The Jill Kismet series ~Lilith Saintcrow
The Curse of Chalion ~Lois McMaster Bujold
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ~Stieg Larsson (and the other two books in the series)

Authors Recced to Me Without Specific Titles
Keri Arthur
David Clement-Davies
Robert Silverberg
Melissa Marr
Leslie Livingstone
Sherrilyn Kenyon

on 2010-08-13 11:52 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Have you ever Ilona Andrews and/or Lilith Saintcrow? I am a big fan of the former's Kate Daniels books and the latter's Jill Kismet series.

on 2010-08-13 12:00 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I haven't heard of the first one, but I had looked at Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series (I think that's the one) at the bookstore a few years ago, and I think I remember being vaguely interested. >_>;; *ninja-adds them to recs*

on 2010-08-13 12:10 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
The Dante Valentine books are good but the main character starts to get a bit annoying around book three. That didn't stop me from buying them all, reading through them in a weekend, and then giving them all to a friend whilst saying YOU MUST READ THESE, though. *Grins* I prefer Jill, half because I think I prefer Jill's world, but her character development is much better, IMO.

on 2010-08-13 12:57 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Not going to lie, there's a few in my list of recs where I don't necessarily love the main character. I don't let it stop me if the side characters and universe are interesting.

on 2010-08-13 08:11 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Robert Silverberg is definitely good; he's one of the great old masters of 20th-century sci-fi, though he doesn't get nearly as much name recognition as Asimov, Clarke, and the like. One of his better known works is the Majipoor series ("Lord Valentine's Castle" is the first book), which is kind of science-fantasy -- definitely in the far-future and with interstellar travel, but with a lot of the trappings of regular fantasy. If you can find it, "Invaders from Earth" is a good short SF novel he wrote.

I love Stackpole's "Secret Atlas" and the later books. Those are good. So's del Toro and Hogan's "The Strain."

For "amusing things," there's always Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Satirical fantasy. The first is "The Colour of Magic," though it's not the best. There are a few that stand alone quite comfortably -- "Mort" and "Small Gods" are your best bets.

I'd recommend just about anything by Brandon Sanderson so far. He's the guy who's finishing up the Wheel of Time for Jordan, and has a handful of very good books on his own. "Elantris" and "Warbreaker" are good and each stands alone, and then there's the Mistborn trilogy which starts with "The Final Empire." The man's plotting is tighter than a noose, and he devotes a lot of loving attention to building up and picking apart his magic systems. A new series called the Stormlight Archive is starting soon, too.

And it's probably a good thing that you don't have standard SF on here, nor graphic novels, because I could keep going for a while in those directions. And your recommended list is already at a healthy size.

on 2010-08-13 08:26 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
The last time I put Stackpole on a list, you mentioned you thought they were brilliant. But that was before I took a minor hiatus on reading things :/

I read the first Discworld novel. I decided I didn't like him nearly as much as Gaiman, and the series didn't really do it for me.

I think Elantris was on one of my previous lists... I'll have to look into that as well because apparently there are quite a few that I didn't actually get around to reading.

The Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman is kind of like the science-fantasy you mentioned, and it's about the only way I'll read anything sci-fi related. >_>;; That's why standard sci-fi isn't on the list.

on 2010-08-13 11:30 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Early Discworld is some of the weakest, to me. It gets kicking a few books in, when he stops parodying popular fantasy directly and turns it gradually into social satire. The Guards novels are my favorites on that, and the later books can be especially powerful as novels, not just satires and parodies (Night Watch has some very sad, very moving stuff about the feeling of futility in a corrupt society when you're a normal person on the ground, and the costs of making change that may not actually matter).

(Mind, this is something of a fanboy speaking, of course.)

That said, I really need to get into Wodehouse, of whom Pratchett is something of a literary descendant. However, I suspect that ultimately I'll just end up watching stuff derived from him, particularly "Jeeves and Wooster" with Fry and Laurie.

I'm The Friend's Little Sister. :)

on 2010-08-15 11:52 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Hiya, I'm Jamie. Thanks a ton for creating this list. Now my summer will be filled with reading instead of just sleeping and bugging Zach. I can tell we have the same taste in books because I have read a few of the things you have posted on this list, so I'm excited to look into the other books. My brother said if I posted a comment with my e-mail you would send me the links to some of your amazing stories, I would absolutely love that. And thanks again. :)


P.s. Anything Kelley Armstrong writes is amazing. The Darkest Powers Series are her Young Adult books, but in venturing into her adult books, I have realized that they are actually filled with better story lines and some interesting dynamic characters. The Otherworld Paranormal Suspense Series is really good, especially Living With The dead. I would recommend it to anyone who likes suspense, mixed with a little crime fighting, mixed in with a lot of paranormal fantasy.

on 2010-08-16 11:30 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Well, I don't really know how amazing my fics are, but I'll totally email you a bunch of links hahahaha

And thank you for the rec. If you've got any others, feel free to email them.


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