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A friend of mine mentioned that his younger sister would like me to recommend her some books to read. And seeing as I have been meaning to make a list anyway (because I have a ridiculous OCD love for lists), I thought this was a great opportunity to do so. I am going to organize it by genre at least (I'm not sure I'm feeling ambitious enough to also alphabetize it) and possibly give comments if I feel strongly enough about a book or author. Nope, not ambitious enough to alphabetize; these are listed in no particular order. I do feel like I've missed a few, but I think that might be because so many of the things I've listed are multi-part series in which there are many books. Things like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are not on this list, because I assume anyone who would ask me for book recs will have already read these things.

YA Lit
The Hunger Games and Catching Fire ~Suzanne Collins (Possibly my favourite thing I've read in the past two years or more.)
The Demon's Covenant and The Demon's Lexicon ~Sarah Rees Brennan
The Forest of Hands and Teeth ~Carrie Ryan
Generation Dead ~Daniel Waters (I have only read the first one of these books so far, but I quite liked it.)
Raised by Wolves ~Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The Summoning ~Kelley Armstrong (and the rest in the series)
The Host ~Stephenie Meyer (I would never in a million years rec Twilight to anyone, but this book actually seemed to incorporate some original ideas or maybe I haven't seen enough alien movies, and the main character wasn't nearly as retarded.)
The Society of S ~Susan Hubbard (I cannot stand the main character, but it is an interesting take on vampires, also there is a sequel of which I cannot remember the title)
Fallen ~Lauren Kate

Traditional Fantasy
Cast in Shadow ~Michelle Sagara (and all the rest in this series; besides The Hunger Games, one of my favourite series ever)
Black Sun Rising, When True Night Falls, and Crown of Shadows ~C.S. Friedman
The Codex Alera ~Jim Butcher
A Game of Thrones ~George R.R. Martin (and the rest in the series)
Dragon Champion ~E.E. Knight (and the others in this series)
His Majesty's Dragon ~Naomi Novik (and the others in the series; this is more historical fantasy than traditional)
Wizard's First Rule ~Terry Goodkind (and the rest of the series)
Warlock ~Wilbur Smith (Ancient Egyptian fiction that is rather fantastical but probably also contains real history)
The Wheel of Time series ~Robert Jordan
Dragon Bones and Dragon Blood ~Patricia Briggs
The Barbed Coil ~J.V. Jones

Urban/Supernatural Fantasy
The Cassandra Palmer series ~Karen Chance (beginning with Touch the Dark)
The Sookie Stackhouse series ~Charlaine Harris (better known as True Blood on HBO; the books are better)
The Black Dagger Brotherhood series ~J.R. Ward (combination urban fantasy/romance)
The Rachel Morgan series ~Kim Harrison
The Dresden Files ~Jim Butcher
Queene of Light ~Jennifer Armintrout (there are more in this series but this is the only one I've read so far)
The Lords of the Underworld series ~Gena Showalter
Divine by Mistake ~P.C. Cast (and the others in this series, but not her vampire series it is just awful and addicting like Twilight)
The Magicians ~Lev Grossman (I'm not sure this actually fits in the genre since it incorporates themes from Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia, but it's a modernized and realistic version of both)
The Mercy Thompson series ~Patricia Briggs
Rampant ~Diana Peterfreund
Bareback ~Kit Whitfield (or Benighted, in the US)

Amusing Things (I wish there were more things here, but these are not a genre I read much)
Good Omens ~Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
A Dirty Job ~Christopher Moore (his other stuff is good too, but this one is my favourite)

Things Recced that I Haven't Read Yet (And also things I have merely bought and haven't read yet)
Feed ~Mira Grant
The Name of the Wind ~Patrick Rothfuss
A Secret Atlas, Cartomancy, and A New World ~Michael A. Stackpole
Bitten ~Kelley Armstrong
The Innocent Mage & The Awakened Mage ~Karen Miller
White Cat ~Holly Black (and possibly others, I haven't done my research here)
The Strain ~Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan
The Dark Elf trilogy ~R.A. Salvatore (I've read some of his other stuff, but this is considered his best work. I would recommend anything he's written, but this is on my personal list of things I need to read asap.)
The Kate Daniels series ~Ilona Andrews
The Jill Kismet series ~Lilith Saintcrow
The Curse of Chalion ~Lois McMaster Bujold
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ~Stieg Larsson (and the other two books in the series)

Authors Recced to Me Without Specific Titles
Keri Arthur
David Clement-Davies
Robert Silverberg
Melissa Marr
Leslie Livingstone
Sherrilyn Kenyon
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