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Birthdate:Oct 10, 1984
Location:South of Canada
~I am a fangirl. If you don't know the meaning of this word, I don't think we can be friends.

~I am a spelling/grammar nazi. If I can't make heads or tails of your journal entries, I don't think we can be friends.

~I am extremely open-minded. If, for example, you can't accept a love for gay porn (even if you do not share that love yourself), then gtfo pls because we definitely cannot be friends.

~I am a gamer. This means I play video games (especially WoW) and will talk (at length) about things like dps and stats and mobs and instances. You don't need to know the terminology, but you better not make fun of me or we're definitely fighting.

Also, you can find role-playing logs of the ancient and more recent past at [info]skellysaurus. It is purely a smutjournal of RPs that I and my accomplices have collaborated on. There is no accounting for taste or talent, as the vast majority of these are several years old, at least. And I have been very foolish.

Unless otherwise noted, any and all fiction posted within is fanfiction and the characters (and probably settings and such if it's not AU /ramble) are the property of their respective creators and not me. My fanfiction is just for fun, and not for financial gain.

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1x2x5, 1x4x1, 1x5x1, 2x5x2, 4x5x4, abarai renji, alan rickman, anime, asher, astrology, azumanga daioh, bestiality, biology, black, bleach, blood, bloodplay, blue eyes, breathplay, british accents, bruce willis, chang wufei, chocolate, colonel tavington, conrad weller, dark mousy, death note, diabolo, die hard, dnangel, dorothy catalonia, draco malfoy, dragonball z, dragons, dresden files, drizzt do'urden, ducks, duo maxwell, edward elric, faeries, fanfiction, fire, foxes, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, gaara, garrus vakarian, gravitation, green eyes, greg house, grey eyes, gryphons, gundam wing, gwendal von walde, harry dresden, harry potter, hatake kakashi, heero yuy, hiei, hitachiins, hitsugaya toushirou, hiwatari satoshi, horror movies, house md, ichimaru gin, j.r. ward, james wilson, jason isaacs, jean havoc, krad, kuchiki byakuya, kurotsuchi mayuri, kyou kara maou, legend of zelda, link, lucius malfoy, lycanthropes, magic, mass effect, mass effect 2, michael crichton, michael rosenbaum, mythology, nathaniel, nicca, nicholas cage, niwa daisuke, ootori kyouya, ouran koukou host club, pokémon, r.a. salvatore, reading, regulus black, rhys, riza hawkeye, roy mustang, rpgs, rping, russell tringham, sabaku no gaara, sesshoumaru, shibuya shori, shibuya yuuri, slash, slytherin, snakes, sohma hatori, sohma hiro, sohma kyo, sohma momiji, stephen king, tattoos, the patriot, thomas raith, thunderstorms, tom felton, trigun, uchiha itachi, uchiha sasuke, ulquiorra, vampires, vegeta, wolfram von bielefeld, wolves, world of warcraft, writing, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yuki eiri
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